Security Engineer

Minimum qualifications

  • Experience with infrastructure security design, policy and identity management, monitoring and intrusion detection, and vulnerability management.
  • Experience in working with large scale cloud solutions on one or more of the top cloud vendors.
  • Experience in deploying secure architectures with proactive monitoring, intrusion detection, network policies, and with auditing and compliance systems.
  • Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English.

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience in some or all of the following; Host-based and network firewalling and DDoS protection technologies VPN technologies, Data at Rest encryption solutions and HSM solutions, Security risk management, Threat modeling and Vulnerability assessment.
  • Experience working with security technologies in some or all of the following; File Integrity Management (FIM), HIDS (Host Intrusion Detection) and NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection), SIEM (Security information and event management),and WAF (Web Application Firewall).
  • Experience in technical consulting with enterprise customers and Global leadership experience with cross-functional teams. History of having developed professional documentation or published articles.
  • Experience in architecting, developing software, or internet scale production-grade security solutions in cloud environments.
  • Experience with the security, auditing and compliance related requirements, processes and controls for common industry standards such as; PCI-DSS, FINRA, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, FedRAMP and the ISO27000 family of standards.
  • Understanding of the basic security technology that enables a secure internet and secure enterprise systems.

About the job

As the Cloud Security Engineer, you’ll be responsible for creating the roadmap, designing and building new packages and solutions, market testing, and scaling all offerings relating to Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) security tools and professional services. You will serve as the focal point and conduit between Cloud Ace professional security services and the broader Cloud Ace engineering teams.

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