Agile ERP System with Google Kubernetes Engine

About the Customer As a trusted online shop in Indonesia, Bhinneka, which was founded in 1993, has been known as the most comprehensive computer, laptop, gadget and accessory shop. Now, as the as leading B2B e-commerce in Indonesia, Bhinneka is known for its wide range of products from 3Cs (Computer, Communication, and Consumer Electronics), MROContinue reading “Agile ERP System with Google Kubernetes Engine”

CRM Productivity Transformation using Google Cloud: Cloud SQL

About the Customer SSEK is one of the largest independent law firms in Indonesia and one of the most highly regarded law firms in the country. SSEK’s expertise embraces all essential areas of the law and has been honed over two decades of meeting the legal needs of its clients. Their work for Indonesian, foreign,Continue reading “CRM Productivity Transformation using Google Cloud: Cloud SQL”

Fast Migration Process using Google Cloud

About the Customer PT. Gerak Bersama Kita is mobile-app based startup that provides running tracer, virtual races, and rooms for several clubs for information sharing. The platform aims to motivate young Indonesians to move and stay fit. The Challenges The client struggled with very high app traffic but lack of resources. Especially when they areContinue reading “Fast Migration Process using Google Cloud”

Building the website visitor analytics tool, LeadAnalyzer, on Google Cloud Platform to realize rapid and stable data analysis

The only free website visitor analytics tool in the industry, LeadAnalyzer, was built on Google Cloud Platform (aka, GCP) at Leading Solutions Co., Ltd (aka LS). We asked their company president, Yoshimasa Nakata, for an overview of LeadAnalyzer and about developing their systems on Google Cloud Platform. First, can you give us an overview ofContinue reading “Building the website visitor analytics tool, LeadAnalyzer, on Google Cloud Platform to realize rapid and stable data analysis”

Building a system on Google Cloud Platform to support IoT services

Kyocera Communication Systems Corporation (hereinafter KCCS) provide their energy-focused IoT PaaS services via the IoT Cloud Platform built on Google Cloud Platform (hereinafter GCP). We asked  Tetsushi Otake (left), the Social Systems, Solutions and Service Business Energy Cloud director, and Hiroshi Tachiwaki, Development Division Chief for the same services (right) to give an overview ofContinue reading “Building a system on Google Cloud Platform to support IoT services”

Lock screen display app using real-time database

Mediba provides an app that utilizes GCP to display pro baseball match scores over smartphone lock screens. In addition to operating AU-related services such as “au Smart Pass” as part of KDDI Group, Mediba Inc. develops services for smartphones in a wide range of fields at home and abroad, such as culture, games, child care,Continue reading “Lock screen display app using real-time database”

Upgrade hosting website with Google Cloud Platform

MANTAN Inc. moved the websites they operate to Google Cloud Platform (aka GCP). We asked Makoto Sato, Senior Leader of the Media Lab and Design Team, to talk about the websites and the upgrade. Hosting “MANTANWEB” and “MAINICHI KIREI” on Google Cloud Platform Can you tell us about the website? There were two websites targetedContinue reading “Upgrade hosting website with Google Cloud Platform”

Analytical solutions for smartphone games

G2Metrics custom-made analytical solutions for smartphone games were built and released in March, 2015 on Google Cloud Platform (aka GCP) at StarGarage. We asked Mr. Takuya Sugiyama, CMO, to talk about the content and development of their services. Tell us about G2Metrics G2Metrics is an analytical solution for smartphone games. It can generate a variety ofContinue reading “Analytical solutions for smartphone games”