Webinar: Creating a Conversational User Interface using Dialogflow

Join our webinar to find out about the Conversational User Interface with Dialogflow. Participants will receive an e-certificate from APTIKNAS. This event will be held onThursday, November 19, 202010:00 – 12:00 WIBFREE OF CHARGE Speaker:Hikari Muchtar (Back-end Developer, Cloud Ace) Please fill up the form on the right side to register. Contact:id.cloud-ace.comseminar@id.cloud-ace.com

[Webinar] Membuat Conversational User Interface dengan Dialogflow

Bergabunglah di webinar kami untuk mengetahui tentang Conversational User Interface dengan Dialogflow. Peserta akan menerima e-sertifikat dari APTIKNAS. Acara ini akan diselenggarakan padaKamis, 19 November 202010:00 – 12:00Biaya: GRATIS Narasumber:Hikari Muchtar (Back-end Developer, Cloud Ace) Silakan mengisi formulir pendaftaran di samping. Contact:id.cloud-ace.comseminar@id.cloud-ace.com

Sharing Session: TREN2021 SOCIETY 5.0 – Is Indonesia Ready?

Cloud Ace is participating again in sharing session organised by Kota Cerdas and APTIKNAS in order to educate the society by presenting various interesting topics related to IT in people’s daily life. In today’s society we are surrounded by technology that makes our lives easier but also cautious to some events. On this occasion, CloudContinue reading “Sharing Session: TREN2021 SOCIETY 5.0 – Is Indonesia Ready?”