Cloud Ace named Launch Partner of AlloyDB for Postgre SQL

19 December, 2022
Cloud Ace Co., Ltd.

Cloud Ace Co., Ltd. (headquarter:Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Makoto Aoki, President and CEO) announced that it has successfully achieved Launch Partner designation for AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, Google Cloud’s newest fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service, on 19 December, 2022.

As an AlloyDB Launch Partner, Cloud Ace will provide the following values to customers.

One-stop support from implementation to maintenance and operation

Cloud Ace, as a Google Cloud Premier Partner in Japan, utilizes many Google Cloud products with our customers.

Based on this track record and knowledge, we will propose an optimal architecture that combines AlloyDB and existing Google Cloud products, and provide one-stop support from implementation to maintenance and operation.

Providing the latest information

Taking advantage of our expertise as an AlloyDB launch partner, we work closely with Google Cloud Japan G.K. to provide customers with the latest information on AlloyDB as soon as possible.

Extensive support by specialists

Cloud Ace has formed a team dedicated to AlloyDB.

The specialists in the team will provide high-level training and implementation support.

“Database modernizations can be daunting, especially for mission-critical applications that have strict requirements for availability, scalability and performance,” said Gurmeet Goindi, Director, Product Management, Google Cloud. “AlloyDB Launch Partner designation indicates that Cloud Ace has closely collaborated with our product and engineering teams, had early access to explore our exciting new capabilities and built the expertise necessary to help our customers with their most complex modernization projects.”

《About AlloyDB 》

AlloyDB is Google’s fully managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service that provides a powerful option for modernizing most demanding enterprise transactional and analytical database workloads. AlloyDB combines the best of Google Cloud with PostgreSQL, one of the most popular open source database engines, to deliver superior performance, availability, and scale.

In Google Cloud’s performance tests, AlloyDB delivered 4x the transactional performance compared to the standard PostgreSQL. AlloyDB is also up to 100X faster than standard PostgreSQL for analytical queries, with zero impact on operational performance when running business intelligence, reporting, and hybrid transactional and analytical workloads (HTAP).

As an AlloyDB Launch Partner, Cloud Ace has comprehensively tested and verified AlloyDB’s superior performance. Our session during Cloud Next covers details of our benchmark results, and our sneak peek into exciting new features, such as the index advisor.

《AlloyDB for PostgreSQL Use Cases》

  • Mission critical workloads that require high availability (99.99% availability SLA including maintenance), and strong recovery guarantees
  • High performance workloads that are running into limits of standard PostgreSQL and want to optimize speed and operating costs
  • Hybrid analytical and transactional workloads that require or can benefit from analytical queries running directly on the operational database   

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■ About Cloud Ace Inc
Headquarters: Tokyo Sankei Building 26F, 1-7-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan

President and CEO : Makoto Aoki

Business Description: Cloud Ace is a cloud integrator specializing in Google Cloud and a partner of Google Maps Platform. We provide one-stop support from cloud implementation design to operation and maintenance.

As a managed service provider of Google Cloud, we provide technical support, consulting, system development, and Google Cloud certified training. With offices in four cities in Japan and eight countries overseas, we work with more than 120 partners to meet the diverse needs of DX companies.

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