Google Cloud Official Training

About Google Cloud Official Training

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Cloud Ace provides one-stop support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) installation, operation and maintenance, and system development using the cloud.
Cloud technology is increasingly being used by various companies today. However, the number of human resources who are familiar in the cloud field is still low. The shortage of human resources who are familiar with the cloud and business systems is considered to be caused of a lack of supply. This urges many enterprises to empower the IT staffs and to train advanced professionals in the fast growing field of GCP.
Therefore, Cloud Ace began providing GCP training services to customers and partners.
Course Guide
The training program offers several classes to help you get the most from GCP technology. In these courses, you will be able to acquire the necessary technical skills and best practices and keep learning.


With the most professional manner, the Trainers and developers of Cloud Ace always approach, learn and develop with the latest technologies from Google Cloud Platform. Not only that, the achievement of Google Cloud Platform certification is also a testament to Cloud Ace’s continuous work and research for the development of Google Cloud in Indonesia.
We, Cloud Ace, with our passion and experience, want to bring learners from the latest technology to experience in real-world projects. In addition, the learning method associated with practice will help students quickly grasp the background of both theory and practice. Accompanying students is not only an assignment, but also the joy and desire of Cloud Ace.


Course Fee
Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure IDR 7,000,000.-
Architecting with Google Compute Engine IDR 11,000,000.-
Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect
IDR 7,000,000.-
Data Engineering on
Google Cloud Platform
IDR 14,500,000.-
Preparing for the Pro-
fessional Data Engineer
IDR 3,500,000.-

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