Cloud Booster

by Cloud Ace

What is Cloud Booster?

“I’m interested in Google Cloud Platform and want to use it but don’t know where to start”
“I know exactly what I want to do but can’t figure out how to set it up on Google Cloud Platform”
“We are moving to Google Cloud Platform but we don’t know how to set up Google Cloud Platform efficiently for our current workflows and processes”
If you have these kind of problems and concerns, we will help you kickstart your cloud journey. We designed the Cloud Booster service pack to help you quickly get started with Google Cloud Platform and use the cloud to its full potential.

How it works

Step 1 – Planning
We will first help you create or adjust your architecture for Google Cloud and create a plan.
Step 2 – Training
We will give you personalized training and lectures and teach you everything you need to know.
Step 3 – Migration
After that you will be able to do the migration independently by yourself. However we will support you remotely whenever you need help.

Service Details

24 hours (3 hours x 8 meetings)
We will visit your company (or you can visit our company) and we will conduct training in the form of workshops.
Remote Support
64 hours (8 hours x 8 weeks)
Our company will support the design and construction works such as documentation, Q&A and providing sample code.
Starting from
Rp. 50,000,000.-


Together, we can help you plan and build a GCP architecture that is tailored to your needs.
1. GCP Architecture Design
2. Logging
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