Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Exam

This full-day instructor-led course helps prospective candidates structure their preparation for the Professional Data Engineer exam. The session covers the structure and format of the examination and its relationship to other Google Cloud certifications. Through lectures, quizzes, and discussions, candidates will familiarize themselves with the domain covered by the examination in order to devise a preparation strategy. Rehearses useful skills including exam question reasoning and case comprehension. Tips. Review of topics from the Data Engineering curriculum. The end of the course contains an ungraded practice exam quiz, followed by a graded practice exam quiz that simulates the exam-taking experience.


Be familiar with Google Cloud to the level of the Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform course (suggested, not required)


  • Position the Professional Data Engineer Certification
  • Provide information, tips, and advice on taking the exam
  • Review each section of the exam, covering highest-level concepts sufficient to build confidence in what is known by the candidate and indicate skill gaps/areas of study if not known by the candidate
  • Connect candidates to appropriate target learning


  • Cloud professionals interested in taking the Data Engineer certification exam
  • Data engineering professionals interested in taking the Data Engineer certification

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