For the sixth consecutive year, Gartner® has named Google a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Strategic Cloud Platform Services.

Over the past year, Google have continued to invest in platform and go-to-market capabilities that have an immediate impact on the speed and simplicity of building solutions on Google Cloud. Google are focused on designing and delivering workload-optimized infrastructure that enables our customers to focus on the future, whether that means modernizing legacy applications or transforming their business with AI.

Google believe Google are consistently recognized for our ability to support AI adoption, enterprise applications, and modern workloads. Google has been recognized again for its ‘Ability to Execute’ and ‘Completeness of Vision’ in this year’s report.

AI-optimized infrastructure

Infrastructure is no longer a commodity; it is a specialized competitive differentiator — particularly for AI workloads. Google Cloud AI infrastructure offers an integrated stack of technologies that advance next-generation AI workloads. From purpose-built compute, storage, and networking, to seamless orchestration, open software, and popular ML frameworks, we provide a wide selection of hardware, platforms, and software to empower customers through their AI adoption.

Here are some recent product releases that demonstrate how we’re evolving our products to enable AI adoption:

  • Google are expanding our AI-optimized infrastructure portfolio with Cloud TPU v5e, the most cost-efficient, versatile, and scalable Cloud TPU to date, now generally available. TPU v5e offers integration with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Vertex AI, and leading frameworks such as Pytorch, JAX and TensorFlow so you can get started with easy-to-use, familiar interfaces.
  • Google new A3 VMs are powered by NVIDIA’s H100 Tensor Core GPUs, which feature the Transformer Engine to address trillion-parameter models. A3 VMs are purpose-built to train and serve especially demanding gen AI workloads and LLMs. Combining NVIDIA GPUs with Google Cloud’s leading infrastructure technologies provides massive scale and performance and is a huge leap forward in supercomputing capabilities, with 3x faster training and 10x greater networking bandwidth compared to the prior generation.

Running enterprise applications with performance and scale

Google believe Google Cloud can simplify the decision-making process so customers can migrate enterprise applications to the cloud with confidence. Our products offer an intuitive set of options and prescriptive solutions to help deliver better outcomes for reliability, security, scale, performance, and cost.

Here are a few examples of recent product releases that demonstrate how Google are helping customers migrate and run their most critical business applications:

  • Google are extending the C family to both AMD and Arm processors. The C3D VM is now generally available and is based on AMD’s 4th generation EPYC processor. The C3D machine series is a general-purpose VM that offers the enterprise-grade performance and reliability of AMD Genoa. Based on our testing performed in October 2023, and compared to our previous generation N2D, web-serving applications such as NGINX can see up to a 54% improvement in performance, relational databases such as Postgres or MySQL up to 62%, in-memory databases such as Redis up to 60%, development workloads up to 33%, and data analytics such as SparkSQL up to 21%. We are also excited to preview our C3A VM, our newest Arm-based VM, which offers up to 40% better price-performance than comparable x86 VMs, for a very cost-effective solution.
  • Underpinning our infrastructure is Titanium, a system of purpose-built, custom silicon and multiple tiers of scale-out offloads that together power improvements in the performance, reliability, and security of customer workloads (for example, 25% faster block storage IOPS/instance compared to other leading hyperscalers). You’ll find Titanium technology in many of Google Cloud’s recent infrastructure offerings.
  • Google have continued to grow our next-generation block storage Hyperdisk. When paired with our C3 VMs, this combination delivers 500K IOPS/instance, the fastest IOPS among the three leading cloud hyperscalers. In particular, Hyperdisk Extreme is ideal for very demanding, data-intensive workloads such as SAP HANA.
  • For added security and multi-cloud support we recently launched Cross-Cloud Network, an open and programmable global cloud networking platform that enables simple connectivity between clouds and on-prem locations. This service makes it easier to build and assemble distributed applications across clouds while reducing total cost of ownership by up to 40%.

Build and run modern applications quickly and securely

Google believe Google Cloud’s application modernization solutions help you innovate faster and lower costs by offering a consistent development and operations experience and industry-leading tools and guidance.

Here are a few examples of recent product releases that demonstrate how we’re enabling customers to build and run their modern applications:

  • GKE Enterprise, the premium edition of GKE, is now generally available. With GKE Enterprise, companies can increase development and deployment velocity across multiple teams, easily and securely run their most important business-critical workloads, and reduce total cost of ownership with a fully integrated and managed solution.
  • Cloud Firewall Plus takes our fully distributed, cloud-first, stateful firewall service to the next level. Cloud Firewall Plus integrates Palo Alto Networks’ threat prevention technology with Google Cloud’s distributed firewall fabric to give you advanced protection with next-generation firewall capabilities. This unique approach allows you to apply best-in-class security protections with simplicity and scale to your dynamic cloud environment. Cloud Firewall Plus also embeds Palo Alto Networks-powered threat prevention technologies and inspects north-south, east-west, TLS and non-TLS traffic, providing transparent inline protection for your Google Cloud workloads.
  • Duet AI in Google Cloud can help you automate deployments, ensure applications are configured correctly, quickly understand and debug issues, and create more secure and reliable applications. For example, Duet AI in Google Cloud helps developers, site reliability engineers, and operators monitor performance and troubleshoot issues quickly with monitoring and logging integrations. Duet AI assists in identifying correlations across your application, enabling you to swiftly transition from receiving alerts to resolving issues.

Building for our customers first

Google are committed to sustaining and accelerating the pace of customer-centric innovation. Most importantly, our field organizations and partner organizations work with a singular focus to ensure customer success. Google have seen strong growth in Google partner and ISV ecosystem so that together we can comprehensively meet customer needs. Google believe this is why Google has been consecutively recognized as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant.