If you’re new to generative AI, don’t panic. Like any new business tool, it can seem intimidating at first. And like any new technology, there are fundamental questions you need to ask to get started—what business problems are Google trying to solve? How will Google measure success? Are my teams equipped for the change? 

At Google Cloud, Google are here to help. Today, Google are making a series of announcements designed to help organizations accelerate their AI journeys. With expanded access to our technologies, a range of new educational and consulting programs, blueprints for specific industry use cases, and our growing partner ecosystem, Google are ready to get you and your teams learning, building with, and deploying generative AI.

Customers are transforming with generative AI

Google are inspired by the ways customers are already innovating with these technologies. Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared stories from Character.ai, Deutsche Bank, Uber, and Wendy’s. And this week, Google are excited to share additional customer momentum: 

GA Telesis, a global airline supplier, is using generative AI to sift through the hundreds of thousands of parts orders it receives annually, allowing it to serve customers quicker and more effectively. 

Mayo Clinic, an early adopter of Enterprise Search in Generative AI App Builder, will use our services to help clinicians and researchers more easily find the information they need, and ultimately to help improve patient outcomes.

PhotoRoom, an AI-based photo editing app for e-commerce businesses, is leveraging our expertise in scaling large AI models to offer studio-quality images to more businesses than ever before.

Priceline will use generative AI across its business, creating enhanced travel experiences for customers and improved workflows for employees.

Further access to our products

In the last four months, Google have introduced a number of technologies to make new levels of innovation possible, including:

Generative AI support in Vertex AI, Google machine learning development platform. This includes Model Garden, a single place to search, discover, and interact with a wide variety of models from both Google and our partners, as well as Generative AI Studio which provides user-friendly tools to tune and customize models, all with enterprise-grade control over data security.

Generative AI App Builder, which delivers Enterprise Search and next-generation chatbots to help automate business processes and build engaging customer experiences. 

Duet AI for Google Cloud, which assists cloud users with contextual code completion, reviews, inspections and more. 

New foundation models, including Codey for code generation, Imagen for text-to-image creation, and Chirp, our state-of-the-art speech model, to help supercharge the capability and productivity of software teams.

Additional developer tools in Vertex AI like Text Embeddings API, which lets developers build sophisticated applications based on semantic understanding of text or images, and Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), which incorporates human feedback to deeply customize and improve model performance. 

Domain-specific models like Med PaLM for life sciences and healthcare and Sec-PaLM for cybersecurity that are trained on industry-specific data and enable enterprises and governments to build their own specialized AI tools, safely and securely.

And Duet AI for Google Workspace, to provide an always-on collaborator for creativity and productivity.

Building on this momentum, today Google are announcing the general availability of Generative AI support in Vertex AI. With this announcement, Model Garden now provides access to over 60 foundation models from both Google and partners, allowing you to choose the best model to help optimize cost and functionality for your use case. In addition, Generative AI Studio includes an expanded set of tools for the tuning, customization, deployment, and governance of models in production.

In addition, Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise—which embeds the power of generative AI across Workspace to help people write, visualize, organize, accelerate workflows, have richer meetings, and much more—is now available for pre-order. After incorporating feedback from the thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of users enrolled in Workspace Labs, Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise is now available for pre-order, and it will be generally available in all regions where Workspace is sold later this year.

New generative AI consulting services and resources

Today, Google are also introducing three new ways to help our customers accelerate their generative AI journeys. 

First, Google Cloud Consulting is launching a series of learning journeys targeted at different audiences available at no cost. These high-touch trainings will help c-suite leaders of top global companies reap the full, transformative benefits of generative AI, while maintaining responsible development and deployment. More widely, we will provide a number of on-demand learning paths and credential programs that will be open to Google Cloud customers and partners, as well as to technologists in the developer community.

Secondly, Google are launching four new generative AI consulting offerings designed to help customers activate their AI deployments. The offerings help customers use AI to discover trends within their company data using AI-enhanced search engines and assistive experiences, summarize information from large volumes of content, automate time-consuming and expensive business processes, and assist in creating new content that’s more personalized. These new offerings can give customers hands-on experiences with production-ready AI solutions using their own data and aligned with practical use cases for their organizations. They are designed to help organizations quickly implement generative AI solutions relevant to their businesses. 

And lastly, Google are launching our first set of new sample reference architectures and business-oriented workflows for a variety of business processes and industry-specific use cases. Designed to help customers jumpstart their generative AI work, the initial blueprints include frameworks for business processes such as improving developer efficiency and accelerating content creation in marketing, to industry use cases in financial services, retail, automotive, healthcare, and media. 

A vibrant AI ecosystem

Google Cloud partners with more than 100,000 companies around the world to deliver a robust and innovative ecosystem in support of our customers. Google are committed to being the most open hyperscale cloud provider and are constantly adding new partners at every layer of the AI stack.

The leading tooling providers for generative AI development are on Google Cloud—including Anyscale, Gretel, Labelbox, Snorkel AI, and Weights & Biases—providing customers with a variety of options to build generative AI applications. In addition, many of the world’s most widely adopted platforms and applications are bringing new features to their users with Google Cloud AI, including Aible, Box, Canva, Dialpad, Gitlab, Jasper, SAP, and UKG. And within the last few weeks, the world’s largest consulting firms have also announced dedicated practices on Google Cloud AI, including Capgemini, Cognizant, Deloitte, KPMG, TCS, and Wipro. Collectively, these consulting partners will train more than 150,000 experts on Google Cloud AI.

Today, we’re proud to build on this momentum with new and expanded partnerships that further strengthen our ability to bring generative AI to businesses and governments:

DataStax has added vector search to Astra DB exclusively on Google Cloud to provide long-term memory for AI applications and agents using large language models (LLMs) and other AI use cases.

Neo4j is launching integrations between Vertex AI and its widely-adopted graph database platform that will help businesses refine the performance of their generative AI models, improve pattern identification, and help users explore their data with natural language.

Twilio is bringing generative AI into its popular customer engagement applications. With Vertex AI, Twilio can assist contact center agents with enriched customer profiles, personalized recommendations on actions to take, and tasks like completing call summaries and analysis.

Typeface, a generative AI platform for enterprise content creation, is using Google Cloud’s suite of AI language models to enable businesses to rapidly create highly customized, data-driven content across multiple marketing channels. 

In this age of AI, companies are inspired to think big, while balancing the need to act responsibly. For Google Cloud, that means delivering a bold vision with innovative products, transformational use cases for your industry, and continuing to build an open ecosystem for AI innovation. And all of our work is driven by a commitment to doing AI safely and responsibly—in how Google develop our models, how Google partner with customers to evaluate risk, and how we architect our entire approach to help ensure you maintain full control of your data. Google are proud to be the AI partner of choice for so many organizations, and look forward to helping you further your own AI journey.