Scheduling reports in Looker Studio helps teams predictably and reliably distribute insights to business users in the flow of work and workflows where they spend their time. This helps to foster a data culture, making information more actionable and contextual, and enabling cross-team collaboration. Today, Google are introducing two new capabilities in Looker Studio scheduling: the ability to apply distinct filter conditions to reports, and to create and manage multiple schedules within a report. These enhancements will help data teams distribute insights efficiently and make them even more targeted.

Schedule Filters lets you apply specific filter values while creating or editing a schedule, ensuring recipients see the intended filtered view in their delivered report. The Filters section of the Schedule delivery window shows all filters applied to the report along with their default values. You can now modify the filter values for a schedule and they will be applied to the schedule delivery. For example, you might schedule a report to multiple regional teams and apply location- or region-based filters for different sets of recipients.

Schedule Filters is now generally available to all Looker Studio users.Multiple schedules lets you create multiple schedules within a Looker Studio report and manage them in a single view. You can now schedule and deliver the same report to different recipients, based on a variety of criteria such as delivery cadence, filter values and more. For example, a retail store manager might want to create different email schedules for a category performance report to different suppliers filtered based on their product category.

For an already created schedule, you can also now send a one-time instant delivery using the Send now option from the list view of schedules. You can also toggle the state of a schedule between active and inactive if you wish to temporarily pause delivery.

Multiple schedules feature is exclusively available for Looker Studio Pro users

Multiple schedules is now available for all Looker Studio Pro users

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