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Service Meshes in a Microservices Architecture

What are the new problems in microservices architecture? Companies are increasingly adopting microservices, containers, and Kubernetes. The need to modernize, and the need to increase developer productivity, application agility, and scalability drives this increase. Many organizations are also venturing into cloud computing and adopting a…

What is Microservices Architecture?

Microservices architecture (often shortened to microservices) refers to an architectural style for developing applications. Microservices allow a large application to be separated into smaller independent parts, with each part having its own realm of responsibility. To serve a single user request, a microservices-based application can…

Using GPUs for Training Models in the Cloud

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) can significantly accelerate the training process for many deep learning models. Training models for tasks like image classification, video analysis, and natural language processing involves compute-intensive matrix multiplication and other operations that can take advantage of a GPU’s massively parallel architecture….

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