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Machine Learning for Trading

Machine Learning for Trading


Learn how to use Python and machine learning to create various trading strategies, including long-term, short-term, and hedging strategies.

What you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of trading, including the concepts of trend, calculating returns, setting stop-loss, and volatility.
  • Implementing trading strategies in Tensorflow
  • How to build a pair trading strategy prediction model
  • How to build a momentum-based trading system
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Framing and implementing trading strategies as reinforcement learning problems

Who this course is for?

  • Finance professionals
  • Investment management professionals
  • Traders



  • Basic competency in Python programming and familiarity with pertinent libraries for machine learning, such as Scikit-Learn, StatsModels, and Pandas. Experience with SQL will be helpful. You should have a background in statistics and foundational knowledge of financial markets.


Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Trading, Machine Learning and GCP
    • Fundamentals of trading, including the concept of trend, returns, stop-loss and volatility
    • Differences between supervised/unsupervised and regression/classification machine learning models
    • Profit sources and structure of basic quantitative trading strategies
    • Model generalization
    • Differences between regression and forecasting
    • Steps needed to create development and implementation backtesters
    • Google Cloud Platform to build basic machine learning models in Jupyter Notebooks
  • Module 2: Using Machine Learning in Trading and Finance
    • Design basic quantitative trading strategies
    •  Keras and Tensorflow
    • Backtesting
    • Pair trading strategy prediction models
    • Momentum-based trading model
  • Module 3: Trading Strategies as a Reinforcement Learning Problem
    • What is reinforcement learning (RL) and how trading is an RL problem
    • Build trading strategies using RL
    • The benefits of using RL vs. other learning methods
    • Difference between actor-based policies and value-based policies
    • Incorporating RL into a momentum trading strategy

Jadwal Training

Tanggal Pukul Biaya (per pax; belum termasuk VAT 10%) Trainer Venue Daftar
TBA TBA Rp 14 juta Satria Yuda Utama Online TBA
TBA TBA Rp 14 juta Satria Yuda Utama Online TBA
TBA TBA Rp 14 juta Satria Yuda Utama Online TBA
TBA TBA Rp 14 juta Satria Yuda Utama Online TBA
TBA TBA Rp 14 juta Satria Yuda Utama Online TBA

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