Citrix and Google Cloud empower organizations to securely deliver the apps and data people need to be as productive as possible — across a wide range of work locations and device types. Now, Google’s growing partnership has something new to offer: a secure, flexible, and cost-effective desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) that scales up and down both quickly and intuitively. Given that 90 percent of organizations are planning to adopt hybrid work this year, the timing couldn’t be better.1

Citrix and Google Cloud have delivered on the first steps of the joint DaaS roadmap — making it easier for organizations with Citrix VDI solutions to transition to Citrix DaaS on Google Cloud through two new hybrid DaaS (bring-your-own Google Cloud subscription) editions: Citrix DaaS Standard for Google Cloud and Citrix DaaS Premium for Google Cloud. Citrix DaaS Standard for Google Cloud is a solution for organizations or departments that are newer to DaaS or VDI and need an affordable but comprehensive hybrid work solution for setting up secure virtual apps and desktops quickly. Citrix DaaS Premium for Google Cloud is ideal for organizations with existing VDI investments that need modernizing. 

The expanding partnership between Citrix and Google Cloud means that customers continue to enjoy faster and easier procurement and onboarding, greater control, and greater cost savings. Here are more details on each of these benefits.

1. Simpler procurement through the Google Cloud Marketplace

If you’ve purchased solutions through the Google Cloud Marketplace before, you understand why it’s often considered a commercial procurement “shortcut.” Google Cloud Marketplace can help eliminate the hassle and lengthy process often required to procure technology, so that even the largest enterprises can secure customized terms and pricing without the complexity of the traditional purchasing process. Organizations can also benefit from flexible yearly, monthly, or custom billing cycles to fit their needs. 

This is great news, particularly for on-premises Citrix customers looking to migrate to Citrix DaaS and Google Cloud. In fact, these organizations may be eligible for additional incentives with Google Cloud, further lowering TCO as you modernize your productivity infrastructure. And, with the addition of Citrix DaaS solutions for Google Cloud to the Google Cloud Marketplace, purchases count toward your Google Cloud commitment and are included in your Google Cloud invoice — helping you save even more time and simplifying the transaction to just one bill.

2. More migration support tools

Citrix and Google Cloud are continuing to develop tools and resources that make it easier to transition from on-premises VDI deployments to DaaS with Google Cloud, as well as a new solution-based set of documents and guides on how to deploy Citrix DaaS on Google Cloud. Check out this new Google Cloud Solution Hub for reference architectures, design guidance, and much more to make the migration process even easier.

3. Stronger and more streamlined control

Both solutions leverage a new US-based Google Cloud Control Plane, which means the Citrix DaaS service and your unique customer data plane will run with the leading performance of Google Cloud and the reach of our global network. With a single, unified control plane, your IT team can manage both on-premises and Google Cloud-hosted resources simultaneously, allowing organizations to migrate at their own pace.

Citrix recently highlighted the experience of Wipro, which participated in the preview of the Google Cloud-hosted Citrix DaaS control plane. Learn more about how Citrix DaaS on Google Cloud is enabling secure remote work solutions for the company and its customers.

4. Cloud cost savings

The ability to suspend and resume virtual machines (VMs) — a highly-anticipated feature currently available with Google Cloud — is now generally available with Citrix DaaS. With this capability, you can configure Citrix DaaS to automatically suspend and resume virtual machine instances to disk when not in use. For Citrix desktop app users, this feature preserves your desktop session and makes for a faster restart. And for IT teams watching their budgets, the suspend and resume feature lowers Google Cloud instance costs and lets you take advantage of more affordable storage rates, which can generate an estimated cloud cost savings of up to 66 percent.2

Adding to the savings is Google Cloud’s transparent and innovative approach to pricing, with project-level, per-second billing to understand the ROI of your Citrix DaaS deployment and Active Assist, which proactively identifies opportunities to help improve cloud performance and lower costs. Combined, these features can significantly reduce your cloud consumption costs without any extra burden on IT.

Ready to make the transition? 

The partnership has come a long way over the past few months, and Citrix and Google Cloud are committed to continued development and innovation for customers — from tools to networking to DaaS solutions for every user.

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