About the Customer

As a trusted online shop in Indonesia, Bhinneka, which was founded in 1993, has been known as the most comprehensive computer, laptop, gadget and accessory shop. Now, as the as leading B2B e-commerce in Indonesia, Bhinneka is known for its wide range of products from 3Cs (Computer, Communication, and Consumer Electronics), MRO (Maintenance, Repairs, Operations), and Business Solutions. Sourcing from more than 10.000 suppliers and merchants, Bhinneka connects businesses from upstream to downstream, and serves corporates, MSMEs, and government bodies across the nation.

Smooth customer journey and customer data protection are the topmost priorities of Bhinneka, and that requires a business partner that shared the vision, committed, and advanced in technology.

The Challenges

As one of the largest e-commerce websites in Indonesia, Bhinneka’s ERP system contains a lot of sensitive information such as, supplier information and financial data. It previously ran on AWS EC2. To comply with government regulations, Bhinneka decided to migrate their ERP system to GCP’s region in Jakarta. Migrating an ERP system with years of data is no trivial task. To make it more challenging, they also have several other in-house software that needs to connect to the ERP system. These in-house softwares need to be migrated as well.

The Solution

After carefully analyzing the existing infrastructure and applications, we propose to migrate the ERP system and all its related in-house software to GKE. As for structured data and unstructured data, our suggestion is to migrate them to Cloud SQL and Cloud Firestore, respectively. Using GKE, Bhinneka can have a uniform way of managing both their ERP and in-house software.

The Result

Having the applications running in GCP’s Jakarta region, Bhinneka is now complies with the regulations.

In addition to that, deploying updates to their in-house application is now twice faster and easier than before. Thanks to GKE.


“In the e-commerce business, no downtime and protection to sensitive information become our topmost priority. Thanks to GKE, we now have more streamlined operations, complies with the regulations and managing all applications in faster way. For an organization like ours, this is critical since it helps us expand and scale much faster.”

Andi Putra (Chief Technical Officer, Bhinneka)

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