October 11, 2021
Cloud Ace Inc. 

Cloud Ace Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda City, Tokyo, President and CEO: Makoto Aoki) is pleased to announce that they have renewed their Google Cloud Partner Advantage Machine Learning Specialization certification on October 11, 2021.

Cloud Ace achieved their first Machine Learning Specialization in 2019. However, due to the fact that Specializations are only valid for two years, the company renewed this Specialization after undergoing another review. As a result, Cloud Ace today has a total of 12 Specializations, now including Machine Learning. 

Analyzing diverse and large volumes of data has become more of a priority for companies than ever before due to consumer behavioral changes and the progression of digitization that has continued to develop during the pandemic. This rapid growth and the complexity of data being analyzed requires the use of advanced machine learning. 

Machine learning can also be utilized to process unstructured data such as images and audio, and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, a platform that integrates a variety of ML tools, has lowered the bar in difficulty for the adoption of the developing technology. The market scale of AI business in APAC is rapidly growing and is estimated to reach 2 trillion yen by 2030, a tenfold increase from approximately 270 billion yen in 2016*. (*Statista.https://www.statista.com/statistics/721750/asia-pacific-artificial-intelligence-market/ )

In this current market environment, Cloud Ace will continue to promote data analysis using machine learning and enhance the operational flexibility of its systems and services. Utilizing its renewed Machine Learning Specialization, developing complex systems for other companies, Cloud Ace is committed to strengthening its support for the business continuity and expansion of various companies more than ever before. 

■ The following are services specializing in Machine Learning. 

System construction utilizing Google Cloud API / AutoML and AI / Machine Learning https://cloud-ace.jp/service/machine-learning(JP) 


■ Please click the following link for more information on the official site regarding the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program Specialization certifications. 


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