About the Customer

PT. Gerak Bersama Kita is mobile-app based startup that provides running tracer, virtual races, and rooms for several clubs for information sharing. The platform aims to motivate young Indonesians to move and stay fit.

The Challenges

The client struggled with very high app traffic but lack of resources. Especially when they are hosting an event. They also struggled with the latency that cause delays because the previous cloud provider doesn’t have data centre in Indonesia. Therefore, they needed to migrate to Google Cloud. However, they had limited number of manpower to execute the migration. Partner organisation assisted them in migration process.

The Solution

Partner organisation offered to provide consultation regarding Google Cloud, and manpower support for the team to do the migration of the tracer management system.

The Result

The client successfully migrated their tracer management system. The high traffic and latency could be tackled successfully.


Cloud Ace Integra has helped and guided us very well in setting up the server from start to finish, and when there was a problem, Cloud Ace Integra quickly provided solutions related to the problems encountered.

Michael Lim (CTO, PT. Gerak Bersama Kita)

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