A week ago, Google announced Gemini, Google most capable and flexible AI model yet. It comes in three sizes: Ultra, Pro and Nano. Today, Google are excited to announce that Gemini Pro is now publicly available on Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s end-to-end AI platform that includes intuitive tooling, fully-managed infrastructure, and built-in privacy and safety features. With Gemini Pro, now developers can build “agents” that can process and act on information.

Create production-grade AI agents at scale with Gemini Pro on Vertex AI

Vertex AI makes it possible to customize and deploy Gemini, empowering developers to build new and differentiated applications that can process information across text, code, images, and video at this time. With Vertex AI, developers can:

  • Discover and use Gemini Pro, or select from a curated list of more than 130 models from Google, open-source, and third-parties that meet Google’s strict enterprise safety and quality standards. Developers can access models as easy-to-use APIs to quickly build them into applications.
  • Customize model behavior with specific domain or company expertise, using tuning tools to augment training knowledge and even adjust model weights when required. Vertex AI provides a variety of tuning techniques including prompt design, adapter-based tuning such as Low Rank Adaptation (LoRA), and distillation. Google also provide the ability to improve a model by capturing user feedback through our support for reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF).
  • Augment models with tools to help adapt Gemini Pro to specific contexts or use cases. Vertex AI Extensions and connectors let developers link Gemini Pro to external APIs for transactions and other actions, retrieve data from outside sources, or call functions in codebases. Vertex AI also gives organizations the ability to ground foundation model outputs in their own data sources, helping to improve the accuracy and relevance of a model’s answers. Google offer the ability for enterprises to use grounding against their structured and unstructured data, and grounding with Google Search technology.
  • Manage and scale models in production with purpose-built tools to help ensure that once applications are built, they can be easily deployed and maintained. To this end, Google are introducing a new way to evaluate models called Automatic Side by Side (Auto SxS), an on-demand, automated tool to compare models. Auto SxS is faster and more cost-efficient than manual model evaluation, as well as customizable across various task specifications to handle new generative AI use cases.
  • Build search and conversational agents in a low code / no code environment. With Vertex AI, developers across all machine learning skill levels will be able to use Gemini Pro to create engaging, production-grade AI agents in hours and days instead of weeks and months. Coming soon, Gemini Pro will be an option to power search summarization and answer generation features in Vertex AI, enhancing the quality, accuracy, and grounding abilities of search applications. Gemini Pro will also be available in preview as a foundation model for conversational voice and chat agents, providing dynamic interactions with users that support advanced reasoning.
  • Deliver innovation responsibly by using Vertex AI’s safety filters, content moderation APIs, and other responsible AI tooling to help developers ensure their models don’t output inappropriate content.
  • Help protect data with Google Cloud’s built-in data governance and privacy controls. Customers remain in control of their data, and Google never uses customer data to train our models. Vertex AI provides a variety of mechanisms to keep customers in sole control of their data including Customer Managed Encryption Keys and VPC Service Controls.

Indemnity on generated model outputs

Google’s comprehensive approach to AI is designed to help keep our customers safe and protected. Google employ an industry-first, two-pronged copyright indemnity approach to help give Cloud customers peace of mind when using our generative AI products. Today Google are extending our generated output indemnity to now also include model outputs from PaLM 2 and Vertex AI Imagen, in addition to an indemnity on claims related to our use of training data. Indemnification coverage is planned for the Gemini API when it becomes generally available.

Welcome to the Gemini era — let’s get building

The Gemini API is now available. Gemini Pro is also available on Google AI Studio, a web-based tool that helps quickly develop prompts. Google will be making Gemini Ultra available to select customers, developers, partners and safety and responsibility experts for early experimentation and feedback before rolling it out to developers and enterprise customers early next year.