If data is currency in today’s digital environment, then organizations should waste no time in making sure every business user has fast access to data-driven insights.  

Informatica and Google Cloud are working together to make it happen. They’re excited to share that Informatica will provide a free service on Google Cloud called Informatica Data Loader for Google BigQuery, which accelerates data uploads and keeps data flowing so that people can get to the insights and answers they need faster. The company made the announcement at Informatica World, on May 24, 2022, describing Informatica Data Loader as a tool to mitigate lengthy data upload times and associated high costs —  challenges that are only growing as organizations ingest more data from more sources.

Maintaining a healthy data pipeline from multiple platforms, applications, services, and other sources requires more work as the number of sources grows. But with Informatica Data Loader, companies can quickly ingest data for free from over 30 common sources into their Google BigQuery cloud data warehouse while Informatica technology automates pipeline ingestion on the back end. This shortens time-to-value for data projects from what could be weeks or months to just minutes, and it frees people up for more strategic data work. 

The Informatica Data Loader empowers Google Cloud customers to: 

  • Centralize disparate data sources on BigQuery for better visibility into data resources and faster delivery to whoever needs the data
  • Quickly load data into BigQuery in only three steps, with zero setup, zero code, and zero cost
  • Operationalize data pipelines with the power, performance, and scale of Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) at no cost
  • Reduce maintenance resource requirements by eliminating the need to fix broken pipelines and keep up with changing APIs
  • Allow non-technical users across the organization to easily access, manage, and analyze data

Informatica partnership streamlines data transformation

This isn’t the first time Google Cloud has partnered with Informatica to help customers get the most value from their data. Google Cloud-validated connectors from Informatica help customers streamline data transformations and quickly move data from any SaaS application, on-premises database, or big data source into Google BigQuery. ​​The partnership has helped hundreds of customers on Google Cloud.

“Data is fundamental to digital transformation, and we partner closely with Informatica to make it very easy for enterprises to bring their data from across platforms and environments into the cloud,” said Gerrit Kazmaier, VP and GM of Databases, Data Analytics, and Business Intelligence at Google Cloud. “The launch of Informatica Data Loader will further simplify the path for customers to bring data into BigQuery for analysis, and accelerate their data-driven business transformations.”

According to Informatica, Data Loader is the industry’s first zero-cost, zero-code, zero-DevOps, zero-infrastructure-required cloud data management SaaS offering for departmental users. Google Cloud customers can access Informatica Data Loader directly from the Google BigQuery console and ingest data from dozens of common sources, including MongoDB, ServiceNow, Oracle SQL Server, NetSuite, Microsoft SharePoint, and more. 

The Informatica IDMC solution is available in the Google Cloud Marketplace, but Informatica is making Informatica Data Loader available to all Google BigQuery customers, whether they use IDMC or not. Informatica Data Loader shares a common AI-powered metadata intelligence and automation layer with IDMC, but companies can subscribe to each use case individually. 

“Expanding our strategic partnership with Google Cloud beyond enterprise cloud data management to offer free, fast, and frictionless  data loading to all Google customers represents a new chapter in our partnership and brings the power of IDMC to everyone,” said Jitesh Ghai, Informatica’s Chief Product Officer. “With the launch of Informatica Data Loader for Google BigQuery, we are enabling every organization to put the power of their data in the hands of business users so they can move from data ingestion to insights at a speed never before possible.”

Learn more about the Informatica Data Loader for Google BigQuery here.