Today’s businesses have to deliver innovation and operational improvements at high velocity — finding new ways to delight customers while paying close attention to efficient revenue growth. This goal translates to leveraging data and analytics in every part of their value chain, be it within the product they build and sell, supply chain, customer support, and virtually every function within the enterprise. Infusing data into everyday processes proves to be a daunting task when using outdated, disconnected data visualization and analytics tools. 

Businesses who embrace the modern data stack are rewarded with more flexibility and can choose the best options when modeling, analyzing, and consuming data. And the very brightest data leaders among them have invested in self-service analytics solutions that empower every business user to ask, answer, and operationalize insights in real-time. 

For a number of years, ThoughtSpot and Google Cloud have been working together to help customers realize their goal of true self-service analytics. On the heels of launching ThoughtSpot Sage — a true natural-language search experience for data — our expanded partnership pushes that goal to new heights. Together, Google are helping customers reimagine how they use data, analytics, and AI to become a data-driven business. 

Four ways this partnership transforms how companies leverage data

ThoughtSpot’s SaaS offering is now built directly on Google Cloud
Mutual customers have long been running ThoughtSpot on their data in BigQuery. But in the coming months, ThoughtSpot AI-Powered Analytics will be natively built on Google Cloud, empowering our mutual customers to choose their preferred cloud platform based on security, performance, or cost. 

Looker Modeler integrates with ThoughtSpot
Data modeling helps organizations unlock the value of their cloud investments. Looker Modeler customers have the ability to model, transform, and define metrics — providing vital speed and agility as organizations scale. With Google new integration planned for availability later this year, business users can leverage ThoughtSpot’s intuitive interface to explore their trusted LookML data through natural language search, unlimited drill down, and interactive Liveboards directly on the Looker Semantic Model.

ThoughtSpot integrates with Google Connected Sheets and Google Slides
While the business intelligence industry would like to think otherwise, the reality is many business users still rely on spreadsheets for data analytics. After the successful launch of ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets, a free plugin for users who want to leverage Sheets for data analysis, Google are extending this integration. Now, users can bring trusted data from  BigQuery into Sheets for live analysis with ThoughtSpot Connected Sheets and embed live charts and interactive data visualizations in Google Slides using ThoughtSpot Connected Slides.

Google customers now have new opportunities to try and buy ThoughtSpot
Users will soon be able to access ThoughtSpot SaaS directly in the Google Cloud Marketplace, the BigQuery Partner Center, and Google Workspace Marketplace. With these integrations, Google customers have even more opportunities to experience, purchase, and deploy self-service analytics.

Why ThoughtSpot and Looker teamed up to help you get more from Google Cloud data

It’s not every day that you see this level of co-innovation in our industry. By expanding our relationship with Looker and Google Cloud, ThoughtSpot customers have the freedom to select the best tools for their specific use case — modeling data, embedding analytics, and delivering self service data exploration across their organization. 

For CNA, a leading commercial insurance company, delivering meaningful insights from data is paramount to their success. Jane Possell, EVP and Chief Information Officer at CNA, said it best: 

“With a self-service analytics tool like ThoughtSpot, our team is able to quickly leverage data that allows us to better understand our business and make decisions at speed. To truly maximize the value of our data, Google have been an early mover to the Google Cloud Platform, pairing the scale and capabilities of Google Cloud Platform with Looker, and the intuitive AI-Powered Analytics from ThoughtSpot. I’m excited to see these companies working more closely together to deliver a truly differentiated data experience for companies like CNA.”

Since the initial announcement, it’s been incredible to see the excitement and positive responses from Google customers and the industry. I look forward to the continued collaboration with our partners at Google Cloud as we work to help customers move beyond the dashboard and build their businesses on live, interactive data.