At Google, the mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. For the Document AI solutions suite, as well as the Vertex AI platform atop which Document AI is built, achieving this goal involves building capabilities to extract structured data from unstructured sources. Since launching Document AI in late 2020, they’ve tailored this technology to many of the most common and complex workflow challenges that enterprises face when dealing with unstructured data. 

Watching customers adopt these solutions has been gratifying, and today, They’re thrilled to share that leading global research and advisory firm Forrester Research has named Google Cloud as a Leader in two recently published reports: The Forrester Wave™: Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2022 and The Forrester Wave™: People-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2022 authored by Boris Evelson. The Forrester Wave™ serves as an important guide for buyers considering technology options and is based on Forrester’s objective analysis and opinion.

Google’s Document AI suite of offerings is helping enterprises large and small automate data capture at scale to improve the speed of doing business and reduce document processing costs. In addition to the general processors for Document OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which allow you to identify and extract text from documents in over 200 languages for printed text and 50 languages for handwritten text, they’ve also invested in specialized parsers for procurementcontractslending and, most recently, identity—all based on the challenges they’ve seen the customers face in industries like financial services, retail, and public sector. 

Forrester recognizes the power of our investments and innovations in its analysis in The Forrester Wave™: Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2022 report, saying: “Google Cloud’s strengths include document capture, image analytics, full ModelOps cycle capabilities, unstructured data security, and integration with Google Cloud’s augmented BI platform Looker.”

Google Cloud has a close relationship with the Google Research organization that allows them to move very quickly to integrate bleeding edge technologies into our solutions. Large Language Models like LaMDA (Google’s breakthrough conversation technology), and MUM (Multitask Unified Model, which can process complex queries and information across text and images) are examples of research technologies that they are currently using to develop the Document AI offerings. The power of connecting Google’s research to applications was acknowledged by both of Forrestor’s Wave reports for text analytics. In The Forrester Wave™: Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2022 report, Forrester says, “Google’s text analytics strategy is impressive, particularly its development and use of language models – such as its own LaMDA to improve cognitive search via conversational UX, open-source BERT, and partnering with PEGASUS project for document summarization.”

Our customers such ase Mr CooperWorkday, Unified PostState of Hawaii  and many others are seeing great success in improving efficiency of document processing and customer service speed and satisfaction. If you’re dealing with a document based workflow and are not satisfied with the efficiency, accuracy, or cost of your current processes talk to your Google Cloud sales executive about how Document AI may help your business. 

You can read the findings from The Forrester Wave™: Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2022 by downloading your complimentary copy here.