At Google, GMP spent more than 15 years mapping the world and exploring the ways it can help businesses of all kinds do more, from tailoring customer experiences to optimizing processes across the enterprise. Its applications are endless, spanning marketing, workforce management, logistics, and even fraud detection. That’s why we’re excited to share Unlocking Value with Location Intelligence, a white paper based on in-depth research by Boston Consulting Group. Broadly speaking, we refer to location intelligence as the use of mapping and geospatial data combined with a company’s internal customer data to improve the customer experience and underlying business processes. This whitepaper is the culmination of interviews and surveys with more than 500 executives in financial services, retail, logistics and delivery, real estate, and travel, and reveals the way geospatial data is changing the way they do business.

Although their insights span a wide range of ideas and perspectives, a common theme unifies them: geospatial data is an essential part of the modern enterprise, and its importance is only expected to grow in the years ahead. To explain how, the paper presents a data-driven tour of not just where it’s making an impact, but the factors that determine how far that impact reaches: lessons from real-world case studies, road-tested practices, and their effects on key metrics.

Most importantly, the benefits of location intelligence are made clear and objective. Regardless of business size or industry, there’s a measurable difference between leaders—companies with a mature strategy for putting geospatial data to use—and followers—those in the earlier stages of implementation—with leaders enjoying improvements as high as 2× in customer satisfaction, sales performance, and operating efficiency. And the ROI of location intelligence capabilities is strongly correlated with how extensively they’re employed across the business, not just in the traditional use-cases commonly associated with maps. With a greater understanding of their practices and techniques, you’ll not only identify where your business falls on the spectrum, but how to reach the next level.

As demand grows for more tailored customer experiences, alongside increased pressure for operational efficiency, leaders in more and more industries are tapping into the power of location intelligence to keep up. In the process, they’re growing sales and revenue, meeting the expectations of the digital native generation, streamlining global supply chains, and staying competitive in increasingly crowded fields. By sharing what they’ve learned in an accessible, quantitative way, we’re confident more businesses than ever will feel empowered to follow their lead. To find out what it can do for you, download Unlocking Value with Location Intelligence today.

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